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CHECKOUT Becca Stern from Mustard Made
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Nathan Bush is a director at eCommerce talent agency, eSuite. He has led eCommerce for businesses with revenue $100m+ and has been recognised as one of Australia’s Top 50 People in eCommerce four years in a row. You can contact Nathan on LinkedIn, Twitter or via email.


Becca is one half of Mustard Made and a mum to three boys. She is originally from London but now lives in Newcastle here in Australia. Mustard was born from the dream to work with her sister Jess and a need for really good storage for her home. The obsession with lockers and the style are inspired by her love for vintage furniture. She loves working for herself as it means she gets to do so many different things and that really suits her as a person.

You can contact Becca at Mustard Made

In this episode of Add To Cart, we checkout Becca Stern, the Co-founder of Mustard Made, the place to go for stylish, functional lockers.  Yes, you heard me right, lockers…the essential high school backdrop in American coming of age movies.  Becca’s lockers have evolved into a range of shapes, sizes and colours…mustard being one of them of course.  Back in the day, Becca had a habit of rescuing vintage lockers she spotted on the side of the road.  This locker passion grew and grew and when Becca succeeded in convincing her sister to get in on the business, there was no stopping them.  Now a multimillion dollar company, selling in Australia, the UK and US, Mustard Made is well and truly…well, made. 

Questions answered in this episode include
  • What is the weirdest thing you’ve ever bought online? 
  • Who is your favourite retailer? 
  • Which retail fad do you wish was history?
  • Can you recommend a book or podcast that our listeners should immediately get into? 
  • Finish this sentence.  The future of retail is… 
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