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Add To Cart is an industry-leading podcast and passionate community of Australian ecommerce business owners and specialists. With hundreds of listeners tuning in every day, it is like holding a daily conference with the most progressive practitioners in the industry.

Why sponsor Add To Cart?

☕️ We speak directly to the Australian ecommerce community. While niche, we are extremely targeted. Our daily audience is hundreds of ecommerce decision makers you’d love to secure meetings with!

🥰 Our listeners trust us. After many hours of listening, our listeners feel like they know us. And that extends to the inherent trust of our partners. You’ll be part of the Add To Cart gang!

🪴You aren’t buying advertising. You are creating content with an immediate audience. This content is evergreen and be repurposed into multiple formats. The podcast is just the start.

🌟 You are in elite company. With regular sponsorship from the likes of Shopify, Signet and, your brand will be associated with industry-leading and loved solutions.

💨 We keep it super simple for you. We’ll even produce the advertising. You give us the angle and the CTA – we turn it into content our listeners will value and respond to.

2024 Sponsorships Now Available

In 2024 we are offering a limited number of partnerships for ecommerce partners to reach and meet our community.

Gold Partners x2 (SOLD OUT – waiting list available)

Always on, deep integration
Category exclusivity
Featured in weekly Primary Episodes
Includes a dedicated episode and webinars
Supported through social, newsletter and events

Silver Partners x5 (4 remaining)

Regular messages as a preferred partner
Competitor exclusivity
Checkout Episode ad rotation
Includes a dedicated episode and webinar
Supported through social and newsletter

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