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In this episode of Add To Cart, we checkout Nathan Yun and Rex Zhang, old friends and Co founders of Paire – P A I R E – a sock […]


Nathan possesses a diverse background in the film industry, having served as Jackie Chan's assistant, and later excelling in business, startup marketing and branding. Witnessing the exploitation during a research trip to India fueled his passion for sustainable fashion. Nathan's creativity and determination, coupled with his eye for responsible business practices, have been instrumental in the success of Paire's revolutionary clothing line.


Rex comes from a family that has been running textile factories for over 40 years. He is a textile expert with extensive knowledge of fabric technology and materials science. Drawing from Rex's expertise and dedication, Paire introduced Supreme CoolBlend, a game-changing thread blending Merino wool and cotton. Rex's commitment to sustainable innovation has propelled Paire's mission to revolutionise the fashion industry, creating environmentally friendly and incredibly comfortable clothing.

In this episode of Add To Cart, we checkout Nathan Yun and Rex Zhang, old friends and Co founders of Paire – P A I R E – a sock brand that is all about comfort and sustainability.  The pals set about reinventing sock functionality to address frustrating experiences with smelly, sweaty, slippy foot underwear and the results have bagged them five star reviews, angel investment and revenue doubling year on year.  Their range has now expanded to include t-shirts, towels and loungewear.

Can you recommend a book or a podcast that our listeners should immediately get into?

The book I wanna recommend, which is my personal start up bible, is Hacking Growth by Morgan Brown.  It talks about all the ins and outs, about how to hack growth, how to run AB tests, what makes sense, how you set up hypotheses, how a tiny change can make a huge difference and what data means something and what data doesn’t mean anything.  It’s the new age of marketing.  

It tears down the traditional marketing concept and just goes, marketing is such an old concept, let’s put that on the side, let’s talk about growth.

I really love that book, I have it on the shelf next to my desk and open it up every now and again.

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