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Shanya on circularity, self esteem and start ups

Shanya is a change maker and creative thinker set out to disrupt the fashion industry with the circular movement. She founded Tumnus then launched Coclo — currently working on Rntr. Shanya was the first recipient of the TWOGOOD grant, an industry guest speaker and was nominated for Yarra Sustainability Awards. In 2022, Shanya was the winner of the Impact X SHIFT! Innovation Challenge and recipient of NORA’s ‘Best Stainable Technology Solution’ award for Rntr.

In this episode of Add To Cart, we are joined by Shanya Suppasiritad, Foundet at Rntr

In this episode of Add To Cart, we are joined by Shanya Suppasiritad, founder of Rntr, a full service rental and resale plug in which gives brands the opportunity to step into and profit from the circular economy while owning the re-commerce experience for their brand.  In our chat, Shanya shares her incredible start up journey which started in Narnia, the details of the epic circularity case study test she performed- how many times do you think a single Oroton dress can be sold?  And we learn about the haircut that led to a very special CEO appointment.

“They’re your second hand customer, they’re interacting with your brand because they love your brand already, so why not bring them on that journey much sooner?”

Shanya Suppasiritad

Be a part of and profit from the circular economy

“At the moment you don’t know who’s purchasing your item secondhand and, and it’s in the environment that you can’t control. 

So what it means is someone will be buying your $700 jacket and receive it in a plastic bag, a really bad experience. And they would never fully understand why your jacket costs $700, cause they weren’t part of that experience, right? I just feel like that’s such a massive missed opportunity for brands to be able to just grab it and then learn about them. 

Even though they are your secondhand customer, they’re interacting with your brand because they love your brand already. So why not bring them on that journey much sooner?”

Helping the client to try before they buy

“When we first rolled it out, we didn’t really know how many times we can rent the product out? What type of fabric is good for rental? All of these things were just an unknown to us. So we went and got two items. One dress size eight and size 12. It was sold out on the Oroton website.. And we were able to get it from a Facebook marketplace. So it’s literally $550. We paid full price for two of them. 

And then we rented out, I think for about eight months. We were able to rent it out 24 times each. Something ridiculous like that.  We were like, oh my God. And then we resell it at 50% of the price. And then I pushed the case study even further. So I basically said, you know what, it’s been about a month, let’s contact the person that bought it and then basically say, hey do you want to sell it back to us? And they did. And then we resold it again. 

So all up, I think we resold that exact same dress, about like four times. So we were able to go to them (Oroton) and be like, hey we’ve done this. Do you want to try?”

Transformative power of the Feel Good Project

“It was so incredible. I don’t even know how to describe it to someone. Someone walks into the studio and wouldn’t even have eye contact with you because of the life that they’ve been through. 

And then as soon as they sat down in the chair,, no one has ever handled or touched their hair before. So their guard is up and then through the whole process, there was laughing, there was crying. Then by the time they walk out, it’s just like a completely new person. And I just feel everyone deserves to have that.”

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