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Laura shares her journey from kitchen bench to wholesale success


Laura began her business in 2013 from the kitchen bench. She was a full-time Mum to three kids under five and on leave from her job as a primary school teacher. Her kids had a runny nose every other week, and she had spent a fortune on snot sucking solutions that just didn’t work. She found a motorised aspirator for sale in a parenting magazine and loved it. After recommending it to all her friends, she decided she could start a business selling this product online. She bought a box of stock and the rest is history. That original model of aspirator has been retired, and Snotty Boss hit the market in March 2020. Snotty Boss is now stocked in over 1200 stockists around Australia, and is sold all over the world via the international website (

In this episode of Add To Cart, we are joined by Laura Klein, Founder and Director at Snotty Noses

Snotty Noses is a brand that pretty much does what it says on the tin…provides a practical solution for dealing with the bucket loads of snot that the babies and toddlers in our lives seem to generate from the moment they come into our lives.  If you are not a parent or have had no experience of this phenomenon…you might want to have a look at Snotty Noses Tik Tok channel to get up to speed.  The Snotty Boss, Laura’s hero product, is a motorised nasal aspirator that niftily sucks the snot from your child’s nose at the touch of a button.  Laura’s journey has taken her from fulfilling orders at her kitchen bench to being stocked in retailers such as Terry White and Baby Bunting.  Laura shares how she made the tricky move from selling someone else’s product to manufacturing her own, her tips for successful affiliate marketing and what she learned from a recent warehouse upgrade.

“On the right side of me I’m making vegemite sandwiches for the kids and on the left side of me I’m packing orders to send to a customer”

Laura Klein

Ever been to Snotsville?

“The bottom line is I am the CEO of Snot. I am. But guess what? Snot is fact of life with young children and apologies to people who are listening to this that, you know, are not dealing with little people in their world. 

Kids can’t sniff, they can’t blow their nose. I know that because I had three kids in three and a half years, a few years back. And at the time it was like I was living in Snotsville.”

Wholesale connections is a long game

“Terry White was the first big retailer that we got into about three years ago.  The baby buyer and I still laugh now about how I almost stalked him through his email inbox.  I would just drop into his email every couple of months. Hi Nick, just wanted to let you know Snotty Boss won this award or Hi Nick, just wanted to let you know that we were in the Sydney Morning Herald, just bombarding him with different bits of media and different awards we had won until finally I think he honestly said, who is this woman? Who is this brand? 

But you’ve just got to chip away. If you’re a stonemason, the first tap of the rock is not going to bust the rock open, it’s the hundredth tap of the rock that’s going to bust it open, so you’ve got to be consistent, you’ve got to have tenacity.  Eventually he took a chance on a small brand like ours and it’s paid off for them and us.”

Micro Influencers

“It is for anyone because affiliate is about being real and raw and those you know micro influencers even with like a thousand followers, they are a thousand loyal followers they trust what that person says. One of our team members introduces them to it and walks them through the process. They can post as much or as little as they like, but they know that when they do, they have a code and when it gets used, they get a clip of that sale. 

So it’s a win for them. It’s a win for us. And it’s a win for their consumer that bought a really good product and is forever grateful to that person for telling them about it. So haven’t seen a downside to affiliates yet.”

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