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CHECKOUT Steve Blick from Stone & Wood

Steve has spent the last ten years at Stone & Wood in various roles, primarily in the Sales & Marketing space. He has enjoyed learning from the founders and getting involved in building the business. Over the last couple years they’ve been putting a fair bit of effort into connecting with drinkers online and building an e-com offer that is relevant. Turns out people are happy to jump online and get a carton of beer delivered fresh from the brewery to their front door.

You can contact Steve at LinkedIn

In this episode of Add To Cart, we checkout Steve Blick from Stone & Wood.  In a past life, Steve was a school teacher, but now he educates grown ups about beer as the head of Direct to Drinker at the independent brewery.

Questions answered in this episode include
  • What is the weirdest thing you’ve ever bought online? 
  • Who is your favourite retailer? 
  • Which retail fad do you wish was history?
  • Can you recommend a book or podcast that our listeners should immediately get into? 
  • Finish this sentence.  The future of retail is… 
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