Shauli Mizrahi from Rep AI: Reinventing the Chatbot with Extra Love | #236

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Shauli shares how Rep AI’s personal shopper chatbot guides customers from homepage to checkout

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Nathan Bush is a director at eCommerce talent agency, eSuite. He has led eCommerce for businesses with revenue $100m+ and has been recognised as one of Australia’s Top 50 People in eCommerce four years in a row. You can contact Nathan on LinkedIn, Twitter or via email.

Co-founder and CTO of Rep AI, reshaping the way customers shop online with conversational AI. Formerly leading the R&D of Browsi, an ad-tech startup that is creating AI, working with the most cutting edge technologies and handling over 50M daily users and a massive scale of data. Over 7 years of experience in R&D management. Over 17 years of experience in software development. A graduate of the prestigious IDF MAMRAM program for software development. Strong knowledge in architectural design for scalable systems using cloud based solutions. Specialties: R&D management and team leading, JAVA/Scala web application programming and software design, NoSql and Big data, Cloud architecture.

A highly experienced, results orientated and innovative Marketing Director with a reputation for sound strategic thinking, planning and visionary leadership. Extensive experience in brand redesign, master-brand strategy and execution, communications & digital marketing that builds brands & businesses. Fiona delivers an entrepreneurial style & thinking within an organisation driving brand equity, market share and profitable results. Extensive experience in new product ideation, process and development with manufacturing industries and eCommerce marketing with strong knowledge of driving website conversion and attribution.

In this episode of Add To Cart, we are joined by Shauli Mizrahi, CTO & Co-Founder at Rep AI – the first AI-powered shop assistant for e-commerce websites to increase sales and enhance customer experience. Fully integrated with product feeds and third party app, Rep AI won’t just answer your questions, but guide customers on a discovery process – and even let them check out from within the chat. The Rep AI team has just set up in Australia and Shauli has invited an Australian Rep AI client along to share how they use the tool… to sell sexual wellness. They are always my favourite episodes – don’t judge me. Fiona Scrymgeour is the General Manager of Marketing at Vush – a sexual wellness brand working to change the conversation around some of the most natural things in the world; pleasure, bodies, and self love. Seems like the kind of conversation that is made for chatbots right? Fiona shares with us some of the most common customer service issues that Vush experience and all the ways that Rep AI have been able to add value that she hasn’t seen in other chat solutions.  If you are keen to explore what Rep AI can do to take your online chat to the next level – you can visit their site at

Most chatbots are not focused on eCommerce and not focused on selling to customers at all and that’s what we’re changing”

Shauli Mizrahi, Co founder & CTO, Rep AI

Buy into self love

(Fiona) “Vush is really exciting brand. We are all about normalizing self-love. Our product is sex toys. It’s a product that people don’t talk about. It’s really hard to talk about. We help people who are normal, people who are beginners or they’re novices. They’re new to the self-love game. They have had basically no sex education at all. And so we’re all about making self-love, and sex toys as part of that, accessible. 

I think by implementing Rep AI, it’s really helped us broach people when it looks like they’re exiting. We can put forward a couple of options to them. And people have the choice to actually say, hey, I’m a beginner, or I need some education so we can sort of drive them down different angles to help them embrace that journey and stay on site for longer, and then hopefully get onto a product page and feel comfortable enough to buy.”

A chatbot with a difference

(Shauli) “So most chatbots are not focused on e-commerce and not focused on selling to customers at all. And that’s what we’re basically changing. The idea is that what we want to do is to mimic the role of a sales associate in brick and mortar and bring it to life and make it as smart as possible.  We connect to your e-commerce catalogue and pull all the information about your products, about your customers, and also monitor the behaviour of customers on the website to try to understand when they’re facing problems and when is the best time to approach them.

And when we do approach them, we approach them with the right context to try to really help them out. During the conversation, they don’t even have to mention the product. They can just say, Is this any good? And we know exactly what they’re referring to. Just like a shop assistant in a brick and mortar store where you point to a pair of jeans or shoes and say, hey, is this good for running? And the shopper system will know exactly what you’re referring to and can answer the question immediately.”

Conversion uplift and customer tickets reduction

(Fiona) “For me the motivation was conversion, that’s why I approached, investigated, and decided to put this in place and it’s definitely impacted conversion. We are early days, but there has been a lift, which is fantastic.

It’s also had a secondary benefit, which is helping to streamline customer service tickets. We obviously use a customer service e-commerce platform, and we get a lot of tickets coming through, and it’s actually helped get down to, what really is it that this person needs? And it’s helped resolve any potential customer service tickets that come through. So there has been a drop in tickets, definitely.”

Questions answered in this episode include
  • How does Rep differ from a conventional chatbot?
  • How do you create a product that services clients across a range of categories?
  • How do retailers measure success with Rep?

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