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Eric Siu shares lessons from more than 2500 episodes of his blockbuster podcast


Eric Siu is the founder of ad agency Single Grain and hosts the Marketing School and Leveling Up podcasts. He’s also a YPO member based in Los Angeles.

In this episode of Add To Cart, we are joined by  Eric Siu, founder at Single Grain

We have a rule on Add to Cart, that our guests should be very much about Australia and Australian ecommerce.  Today, we’re breaking that rule…the rebels that we are…but with very good reason.  My guest is Eric Siu, Founder of growth marketing agency Single Grain, based in San Francisco.  You will also no doubt know Eric as the host of the hugely successful Marketing School and Levelling Up podcasts which have amassed over 2.1 million downloads every month.  In this chat, Eric shares the tools he uses to get maximum value out of his content, the channels he sees as the ones to watch – we talk Reddit and You Tube – and as well as breaking down programmatic SEO, he gives us his take on the future of search.

“First podcast only nine downloads a day for the first year, you would think I would have given up by then”

Eric Siu

Reddit trend 

“We are getting a lot more requests for people looking for Reddit management, Reddit community management.  Also for YouTube organic management. That’s ramping up quite a bit as well. And so we see where the puck is going. 

 There’s also people asking for LinkedIn stuff or discord management, things like that. There’s a lot of community management popping up. There’s a lot of YouTube popping up. So people know where the attention is going.”

How to You Tube

“If you have a really good video, it’s going to take off. YouTube now is much more about the interest graph versus the social graph. And what I mean by that is the social graph used to be based on the number of followers that you have. Now, your number of subscribers doesn’t even matter. When I look at my YouTube channel and I look at someone else’s that might have over a million subs, I have 130,000 but I’m getting millions of views a month. 

What that means is you have to make really good videos. And this is why Mr. Beast talks about making the best video of all time. Right. What matters is your thumbnail and your headline, because you got to hook them in, your click through rate matters a lot. 

So maybe you’re aiming for a 7 to 10 % click through rate. That’s a pretty good click through rate and you’re constantly testing, you’re AB testing your headlines, your thumbnails all the time, right? There’s a game to that. 

And then the other thing, if the first 30 seconds is boring, the 30 second retention rate, the video is not going to do that well because you’re dropping off too many people. So you have to do a good job of having a really good introduction.”

What is Programmatic SEO?

“The easy way to think about this is when you think about TripAdvisor, they create a lot of these pages programmatically, fun things to do in Rome, things to eat in Japan, fun attractions in Tokyo. And they have millions of permutations of these keywords. And they rank for 24 million keywords and they drive over a hundred million visitors per month from SEO alone.

And it’s because they have all these pages that are programmatically generated. They’ve been doing this for decades. It’s nothing new, but with open AI’s API, this is now available to people like you and me. And so for, for example, if you are a national laundromat chain, you might want to rank for a lot of laundromat plus city keywords. Right?

That opens up a lot of opportunity for people that have strong websites. So when I say strong website, that means your domain authority or domain rating scored on a scale of one to 100. It’s probably greater than 75 or so. I know I’m generalizing here, but the stronger your website, the more likely it is that whatever you publish is going to tend to rank well.”

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