Unlocking Ecommerce Growth Through Partnership Marketing: A Three-Part Podcast Series

Welcome to the ultimate guide for ecommerce professionals looking to supercharge their growth strategies with partnership marketing! Brought to you by our partners, we proudly present a three-part podcast series that will unravel the secrets of partnership marketing tailored specifically for the ecommerce community. All three chats are packed with practical tips and real-life partnership marketing examples.

Whether you’re just dipping your toes into partnership waters or you’re a seasoned pro aiming to refine your approach, this series has got you covered.

Episode 1: Setting Up Successful Partnership Marketing Programs

We kick off our partnership marketing trilogy discussing how to set up successful partnership strategies for success.

Neguin Farhangmehr is the General Manager of Performance Marketing at marketing agency, GrowthOps.

In this chat, we cover the basics of what is partnership marketing and the different types of partnership marketing. Then, Neguin shares the best way to budget for partnerships, which partnership channels perform best and her key tips for brands commencing their partnership planning as well as a whole lot more, in fact, everything you need to know to get started!

Add To Cart Partnership Martketing series brought to you by episode one featuring Neguin Farangmehr from GrowthOps

Episode 2: Managing Your Marketing Partnership Programs

Alrighty then, let’s dive into the nitty-gritty! We’ve peeked behind the curtain, and now it’s time to roll up those sleeves and talk partnership program management.

Joining us as our expert for this episode is Michael Mironowicz, the Group Affiliates Lead at Big Red Group. These guys are all about gifting and travel, and they’re scaling internationally with their brands Red Balloon, Adrenaline, and Experience Oz.

On this chat, Michael shares how to activate your partnership marketing strategy. He shares everything from the partner onboarding process, communication with partners, how to track metrics as well as a whole lot more, in fact, everything you need to know to keep your partnership program running day to day!

How to Manage Your Partnerships Program brought to you by and featuring Michael Mironowicz from Big Red Group

Episode 3: Scaling Your Ecommerce Growth Through Partnerships

We’re back with episode three, and this time, we’re diving deep into the world of partnership growth. We’re taking that established partnership program and scaling it!

Our special guest is Rainer Schmid, the Global Direct Marketing Manager from Bikes Online.

Rainer shares the internal processes his team have implemented to optimise their partnerships, the attribution model he rates for handling payouts and his predictions on upcoming trends. To the moon!

How to optimise and scale your partnerships brought to you by aqnd featuring Rainer Schmid from Bikes Online


Our podcast series is proudly brought to you by – a leading platform that empowers brands to grow their business through partnership marketing. With innovative solutions and a wealth of experience, is your partner in navigating the dynamic world of partnerships.

Keen for more?

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So there you have it – a roadmap to turbocharge your ecommerce growth through partnership marketing. Tune in, absorb the insights, and take your ecommerce game to new heights. You are now ready to get all the benefits of partnership marketing!

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