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Michael gives his take on managing a partnership program

Partnerships at BRG, Partner at MSV Capital and Wp Agency. Previous roles include Growth at Cashrewards and Digital Marketing at Endeavour Drinks, prior to that helped Rakuten Marketing expand across Asia Pacific. A few cut teeth on eCommerce startups, one being a 2012 Startmate alumni and the other a BRW Fast Starter that same year.

In this episode of Add To Cart, we are joined by Michael Mironowicz, Affiliate and Partnerships Manager at Big Red Group

Welcome to Add To Cart Upskill! We have partnered with one of our industry friends to teach you a new set of skills. At the end of the Upskill series, we want you to walk away feeling smarter and ready to take on a new area of eCommerce.  Today’s episode is the second in a series of three on Partnership Marketing and is brought to you by, a technology company that’s transforming the way enterprises manage and optimise all types of partnerships. The Impact Partnership Cloud™ is an integrated end-to-end solution for managing an enterprise’s partnerships across the entire partnership life cycle to activate rapid growth. Impact power partnerships for some of the world’s largest and most loved brands: Uber, Airbnb, Nike, Canva, Westpac, HSBC, Woolworths and David Jones.

We’ve looked at the set up and now it’s time to get into the detail and cover how to manage your partnerships program.  We are joined by Michael Mironowicz, Affiliate and Partnerships Manager at Big Red Group, who work in the gifting and travel space with three key brands – Red Balloon, Adrenaline and Experience Oz.   The conversation covers the onboarding process, communication with partners, how to track metrics as well as a whole lot more, in fact, everything you need to know to keep your partnership program running day to day.

“At the end of the day, numbers don’t lie.  The way you get the buy-in is by drilling into the data.”

Michael Mironowicz

Tech helps achieve consistency and scale 

“If you look at other channels, whether that’s social or search or whatever it may be, there’s only a handful of players in that space. With partnerships, anyone and everyone can essentially be a partner, so trying to build models around that to get consistency and scale and understand exactly what’s happening with these partners when and how is the challenge.

But through great technology, it’s a lot easier to understand that value prop and to build around it. And that’s what’s always had me excited about the space.”

Two way communication with partners

“We have great internal ways of working that we establish with our partners to ensure that we understand what their campaigns are that are most relevant, because it’s not always necessarily just about us.  Our partners will also have a great travel campaign that they’re going out with, or they’ll have a campaign specific to their members, or they have some kind of promotional campaign.  So it really is about having alignment between us and them and having a fortnightly cadence or a quarterly business review, or whatever it may be, with those key partners to get them across everything that we’re doing, and for us to better understand what they’re doing as well. 

That really is the key, having that way of working where it is a smooth flow of information and it is ideally as templated as possible, so we can say, what’s this new upcoming campaign? We want to tie into an EDM or a carousel placement or whatever it may be.  And we’d love to get that as programmatically set up as some of the other marketing channels out there, but as you know, every partner has a different system, and so we have to just look at each partner on a case by case basis and then try and establish as smooth a rhythm as possible in interacting with them.”

Look at the downstream metrics 

“There’s a lot of the topline metrics in terms of conversions, in terms of revenue, in terms of quick and what not.  That’s all great, especially if things are going up and up, but really how you optimise is looking at some of those downstream metrics, so the average order value right?   Is everyone increasing the average spend that they’re doing? Are they buying more within their basket, which we refer to as average order size?  

And so we look at some of those averages, and some of those more downstream metrics, to determine how we can potentially shift spend cycles to drive those more topline metrics.”

If this series has inspired you to dive deeper into the world of partnerships for your brand, visit to get your hands on The Ultimate Guide To Partnerships or book a free demo today.

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