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We have the most amazing listeners on the Add To Cart podcast. But we thought it was time to connect you all!

If you are in Australia and love ecommerce, this is the place for you.

We’ve created the Add To Cart ecommerce community Slack channel to take those conversations and connections even further. Our community will be the place to ask anonymous questions, get the latest ecommerce news and resources, meet new people, aks our guests questions and much more! This is your community and we can’t wait to see where it goes.


Who is the Add To Cart community for?

The Add To Cart Slack Community is for anyone who loves ecommerce in Australia. Whether you are a successful founder or just starting out. A retailer, service provider or consultant. Techie, merchie, manager or creative. If you love ecommerce, this is the spot for you. We believe that the best discussions are when we have a mixture of talents and skill levels. We all bring a unique perspective to share!

How much does it cost?

The Add To Cart ecommerce community is FREE to join and participate in. Our goal is to connect the Australian ecommerce community in an accessible and safe way.

What’s in the community?

We’ve set the community up into channels so you can participate in what you like. Ask for advice with anonymous ecommerce questions. Pose questions to upcoming guests. Stay up to date with ecommerce events. Get the latest ecommerce news, research and book recommendations. And of course, connect 1:1 with your favourite people.

What’s expected from me?

It’s pretty simple. We ask you to be helpful and respectful by agreeing and abiding by our Code of Conduct. We will uphold this to keep the space safe and constructive.

Who is managing the community?

The ecommerce community will be managed and moderated by Nathan Bush, host of Add To Cart.

How do I get access?

Simple! Submit your details below and we will send you a Slack invitation. See you in there!

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