AuthorSam Penny

Sam has done some pretty cool stuff in his time. He loves a challenge in pushing himself beyond what most cannot. Recent examples on the sporting front: Dec 2019, the first person in the World to attempt to swim the English Channel in Winter. Aug 2019, ran 87km in 13hrs. July 2019, swam an Ice Mile in 3.9deg water. Aug 2018, swam the English Channel. On the business front, he is relentless in his pursuit of implementing his strategy. Cheese Therapy is Australia’s largest artisan cheese retailer in just four years. His medical device company, High Tech Health went from zero to 1,500 pharmacy distribution in just three years with in-store sales that rivalled the major drug brands. Sam knows strategy, marketing and the relentless pursuit to see a plan rolled out. He is very open about what he does and his future plans but know that his sustainable competitive advantage is his passion and relentlessness.

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