Unleashing the Power of Personalisation and AI with Justin Bausch from Ryderwear & Thomas Harris from Emarsys  | #409

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Today’s special episode explores personalisation and automation and is brought to you by Emarsys

For over a decade, Thomas Harris has scaled high-performing teams from regional to a global level. He has a proven track record of driving triple-digit growth and supported leading global brands to realise their greatest personalisation and omni-channel aspirations. In his current role as CRO of Emarsys, Tom is responsible for over 220 Emartians (an internal term referring to Emarsys employees) globally, which make up the commercially driven GTM teams.

Experienced & reliable marketing professional, qualified with a Master of Marketing & Bachelor of IT/Multimedia. Analytically minded with the ability to construct highly engaging digital strategies, customer journeys, marketing automation & content across digital communication channels such as mobile, web, social media & email. Specialised in the digital sector with a specific focus in CRM, email marketing, automation, customer journey mapping, lead nurturing/generation and life-cycle management.

Today’s special episode is brought to you by Emarsys and we are talking about personalisation…email marketing, CRM data, customer segmentation and lots more.  We have two stellar guests for you. 

First up is Justin Bausch, CRM Manager at Ryderwear, the fitness apparel brand. Founded in 2009, the brand’s range is specifically designed to mould to the muscular physique of athletes and bodybuilders of any size to ensure comfort and style.  In recent years, Ryderwear has developed four gym locations in South Australia.  Justin has alot to say about his no nonsense approach to marketing and how he leverages the Emarsys tools to better serve the Ryderwear customer.

Joining Justin is Thomas Harris,  Chief Revenue Officer at Emarsys.  Tom supports leading global brands to realise their greatest personalisation and omni-channel aspirations and he loves it so much, he’s been doing it at Emarsys for ten years!   He’s based in London and we are very lucky to have caught him on a trip over here in Australia.  This episode has probably the most practical tips of any exclusive we’ve recorded and Justin has a way with words, so entertainment value is also high.  We discuss alot!  Cross channel personalisation, behaviour-based audience targeting and savvy automation. Tom shares his favourite treatment-led customer journey triggers and how predictive and generative AI is changing the engagement game.  Justin walks us through what’s on his AB testing calendar and how to bring back unsubscribers.  

Companies talk about the right message at the right time and yet they neglect their automations. The right message at the right time is your automations.”

Justin Bausch
CRM Manager at Ryderwear

Keeping it real with automations

(Justin) Spend less time on bullshit fluff. The amount of hours that I’ve spent wasting in meeting rooms with people talking about how an email should look. I could be spending that time and going, how can I improve this back in stock or abandoned cart or defective? How can I increase that by two, three, four percent? And then that is just recurring revenue that will then have a domino effect on everything else, right? That is just constant improvements every single week. 

Companies talk about the right message at the right time. They love saying that. That’s their favourite buzzword, right message at the right time and yet they neglect their automations. The right message at the right time is your automations. Let me just say that louder for the people in the back. They are your automations. 

Our automation revenue when I first came on board was sitting at 30% and campaign revenue was at 70% and now it’s flipped. So automation is about 70% and campaign revenue is 30%. And for marketers out there listening to this, that’s where you should be hitting.”

AI power

(Tom) “Predictive AI has been around for a very long time. Justin and the team at Ryderwear, they use a lot of our predictive AI capability, which is fantastic. That helps them to stay in front of customer demand and predict what’s coming around the corner. 

Generative AI, everyone is looking at how to bring this into their organisation, right? And for me, generative AI helps businesses to keep up with what predictive AI has enabled for an output. So if you imagine, predictive AI has given you all of these segments, all of these interactions, all of these areas you can follow up with. Generative now meets that growing list of areas where you can really meet the customer and enables you to automate the matching of content.”

The most profitable part of any email

(Justin) “There’s a lot of emails, a lot of companies that I see where a new collection drop will be the whole email. Then at the bottom, it will be ‘products we might think you like’, just at the bottom. And every brand treats it like the ugly sister. We’ll just put it in there and we recycle it every single campaign. 

People don’t realise that that is the most profitable part of the email because they’re products that that person is resonating with. It looks at purchase behaviour, browsing behaviour, interest-based targeting, everything like that on your website. It feeds it to that. And that’s the form of AI and product recommendations that Emarsys uses. 

And when I actually put that at the top and I make that the hero piece, not, you know, this new drop that we’ve collabed with this person out in the Himalayas. No one cares about that. If I put that module up at the top, that has increased revenue by at least 30% in every single campaign that I do.”

Questions answered in this episode include
  • What’s the biggest challenge you see from retailers trying to get a clear view on customers? 
  • Which automated campaigns are essential for you? 
  • How do you increase profitability with email automations?

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