3-Month eCommerce Residency

I partner with a limited number of retailers to bring senior eCommerce experience and leadership to their teams. I want to shake down your eCommerce business to find the loose change and the buried nuggets of opportunity.

Over three months, I will work with you one day every week to set you up for long-term success.

Over three months, I will…

• Develop a unique plan to grow your business
• Upskill your team through exposure to an experienced eCommerce leader
• Execute new ideas you hadn’t previously considered

Working alongside the leaders or founders, I will immerse myself with your eCommerce team to ensure that your strategy is clear, decisions are sound and execution is progressing.

I’ve designed the three-month program to get deep into your business, make an impact and get out. No hanging around. It’s a type of engagement I haven’t seen offered anywhere else in eCommerce.

By blending both immediate operational improvements and identifying strategic opportunities, we will optimise the now and have a solid plan for growth. And you’ll get some sleep at night.

Who is this for?

The 3-Month Residency is perfect for retailers who need senior experience without committing to a full-time senior salary.

You may currently…

• Feel like your eCommerce business is stalling and requires an experienced practitioner to work alongside your team
• Be on the verge of needing eCommerce management but not ready to commit to a full-time management position
• Have a short-term eCommerce vacancy that needs filling – or someone to get the house in order – while you are recruiting
• Need an independent eCommerce professional to help you make decisions within your leadership team
• Drowning in the day-to-day BAU. You want a longer-term plan but don’t have the time or capacity to do so

If you’ve ticked a couple of these boxes, I’d love to discuss a 3-Month Residency as an opportunity to recalibrate your eCommerce business.

How does it work?

I don’t intend to hang around.

I’ve structured this 12-week engagement to add maximum value in the least time possible. I do this by blending operational improvements with strategic planning.

Each week will be split into an operational and strategic focus. Operations will focus on finding the opportunities right in front of us. The strategic review will map the opportunities and threats we must plan for.

In fact, here’s a 90-day plan I prepared earlier…

After three months, you can cease the engagement with a clear plan, new opportunities and an upskilled team. Or you might refine for another three months – always be improving! Or you might transition to continue working with Nathan in a mentoring or advisory role. It’s up to you.

What outcomes should I expect?

At the end of three months, I will deliver growth-focused change through:

• Executing the trade opportunities right in front of us
• Translating opportunities and decisions to be made with senior leaders
• Prioritising activities for the eCommerce team
• Identifying and problem-solving roadblocks in your business
• Developing clear goals and roadmap for investment
• Identifying and prioritising long-term opportunities for growth

I aim to create maximum impact for your long-term growth in minimal time.

What makes you so special?

I have designed this offering to bring my experience to your business for maximum impact in minimal time. I will bring…

• Over 15 years of eCommerce experience across corporate retail, agency and consulting roles. I can find the BS.
• Experience growing an eCommerce operation from $4m to $140m and managing the impacts across all business functions.
• Exposure to different retail models from working with leading Australian retailers, including Super Retail Group, Michael Hill Jewellers and Stone & Wood.
• Knowledge and inspiration from hosting over 200 leaders on the Add To Cart podcast and managing a thriving community,
• One of the strongest networks in Australian eCommerce. If I can’t do it, I will know who can.
• Industry credibility. I was awarded Top 50 People in eCommerce four times in a row. My mum thought it was nice.

Got any more details?

Sure do.

To recap some of the practical details…

• I am dedicated to your business one day a week for three months
Each week I will operate at both an operational and strategic level to find immediate opportunities and develop a robust plan
• I can simultaneously integrate into existing structures (e.g. leadership meetings), advise on key projects and refine the eCommerce strategy at once. Priorities may be unique per retailer.
• Limited to a maximum of three retail engagements at any one time (non-competing categories)
• I work from Brisbane but am happy to travel and work in your office as required (travel costs additional)

Is an eCommerce Residency right for your business?

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