AuthorVerity Tuck

Verity is the Co-founder and COO of LVLY, Australia’s most disruptive flower gifting company. With more than 12 years of client and project management experience in the digital space and now over 5 years of running her own business, she’s obsessed with innovating new ways of operating the business that’s insanely useful and effective. Verity’s passion for a good old fashioned process is obvious when you walk into the doors at LVLY – it’s like a well oiled machine. But a machine that doesn’t take itself too seriously she hopes. No matter which hat she’s wearing, her goal is simple – to empower her team to help drive real, tangible change in the business through operational outcomes. Outside of the office, she loves time with the family, is passionate about health and wellbeing and the simple pleasures of a cold beer in the sun.

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