AuthorJames Wakefield

James Wakefield co-founded InStitchu with high school friend Robin McGowan in 2012. Having worked as an Associate Advisor at Macquarie Bank for four years, James was acutely aware of a gap in the corporate tailoring market: he and his colleagues struggled to build a wardrobe of quality suits ready for daily wear at affordable prices. There was, he found, always a compromise on quality, fit or range, particularly for younger generations with less disposable income. The rest is tailoring history: James left the finance industry and established InStitchu as the leading player in made-to-measure tailoring, focusing on quality, affordability and fit. Combining his business acumen with an entrepreneurial flair and excellent sales skills he has helped propel InStitchu to the forefront of Australia’s competitive tailoring industry. In his spare time, James enjoys surfing, golf and staying up-to-date on the fast-evolving global start-up scene.

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