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Jon talks data, content and why three is the magic number


Jon Wild is the Chief Growth & Marketing Officer for Pet Circle, where he leads the performance, creative, merchandising, category management and supplier marketing teams. His current focus is reshaping the retail experience for the next generation of pet owners to achieve unparalleled growth. With more than two decades of expertise in marketing and advertising, he has navigated various industries and worked with international companies, ranging from established corporates to innovative startups, including Groupon, Unilever, Mattel, British Telecom, O2, Telstra, and Orbitz.

In this episode of Add To Cart, we are joined by Jon Wild, Chief Growth and Marketing Officer from Pet Circle

This bonus episode brought to you today was recorded live at the Mumbrella Retail Marketing Summit in Sydney and features one of the great speakers there, who knows more than most about the evolving relationship we have with our pets.  Jon Wild is Chief Growth and Marketing Officer at Pet Circle.  Started in 2011, the company opened its ecommerce doors three years later and now lists 13,500 SKUs: the largest offering of online pet products in Australia.  In this chat, Jon shares all the tips around successful content creation, how to get the stickiest customers and the unique way millennials and zoomers parent their furbabies.

“We try and create snackable pieces of content that are providing advice through entertainment”

Jon Wild

In house content

“The first thing we’ve done is we’ve built our own studio. Because I think content is trial and error. I think you’ve got to iterate a lot.  Something will stick and then you learn a formula, you learn a template and then you sort of move forward. 

So I think for us anyway, the immediate transition was let’s take it out of an agency, take it in -house, because I think there’s a lot of iteration and cycling that you need to do to get to that right point. And even now we’re still trying to create that balance between sort of this entertainment factor and things that then draw people into our brand and so they become consumers.”

Metrics to obsess over

“LTV and then and then payback is the sort of counter mark to that. So essentially how much value does a customer generate in two years? And let’s say I’m acquiring them, how fast does that payback occur? We do the same on things like we’re building a warehouse. We will look at the paybacks of that particular investment. So how long in terms of the incremental value it generates before it pays back in terms of the cost. 

I like LTV as well because a lot of marketers in my space, focused on CACs and CPAs, that makes you think about transaction one and one only, whereas LTV makes you think about a relationship with a customer and actually makes you think more about transactions 2, 3, 4. 

And it means then you’ve got to build great experiences because most of us can get a customer once, cheap price, whatever, like some gimmicky way. But to get them to come back two, three times is actually a lot more difficult. And for us, actually a lot of businesses I’ve worked in, it’s one of those funny things, three is a magic number. You get them past three, they get super sticky.”

Snackable Edutainment

“I don’t TIk Tok, believe it or not, but if we look at our customers, we’re getting more and more millennials, more and more zoomers coming into our pet populations. They go to the vet less than once a year. So there is a dearth of information for those consumers. And we believe knowledge is really important, it’s something we want to bring to the market. When you provide knowledge to customers, they invest in nutrition, they invest in their pet welfare. 

And so, I can see, we’re exploring this at the moment, where we try and create snackable pieces of content that are providing advice through entertainment, sort of edutainment if you like. 

I think that channel and maybe this idea of creating a spokesperson that helps educate these new consumers coming into our category on how to look after the pet, things to watch for and providing advice but obviously in a sort of entertaining fashion I think is something really exciting.”

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