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Kelly talks business plans, customer feedback and the art of bouquet-throwing.

EP 267
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Nathan Bush is a director at eCommerce talent agency, eSuite. He has led eCommerce for businesses with revenue $100m+ and has been recognised as one of Australia’s Top 50 People in eCommerce four years in a row. You can contact Nathan on LinkedIn, Twitter or via email.

Back in 2005, Kelly founded Edible Blooms as an online retail gift destination with her sister Abbey and they were proud early pioneers of ecommerce in Australia. Fast forward nearly 18 years and they’ve gathered a collection of business awards including the 2022 Canstar #1 Online Gift Delivery Company for Australia, Telstra Business of the Year for Australia and SA Business Woman of the Year. Today an Edible Blooms smile arrives on a doorstep faster than every two minutes daily across Australia and New Zealand.

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In this episode of Add To Cart, we are joined by Kelly Jamieson, who founded Edible Blooms as a small family business, keen to bring moments of joy in the form of sweet treat bouquets to as many people as possible.  Now, 17 years later, Edible Blooms has grown to include gourmet gift hampers and living plant gift deliveries and took out the 2022 Canstar Most Satisfied Customers Award.  In this chat, Kelly shares her decision to move away from NPS as a customer feedback tool, her mini guide to great business plan writing and the best thing about having a sibling Co founder.

In every business something goes wrong, it’s about how you fix it that sets you apart.”

Kelly Jamieson

Please and thank you

“We’ve been doing more partnerships.  So we kicked off the new year with some free cinema ticket giveaways. We’ve engaged with beauty brands, wine brands where we do really exclusive limited edition ranges where we’re engaging our customers in special products, special releases, giveaways.  

Our customers really engage in giveaways. So when we can partner with another brand on a giveaway, they work incredibly well. We get two or 3000 comments on socials. It’s a great way of working with other brands to grow your business. So that’s certainly key for us. 

And we also have a rewards program as well.  So we really do look at, who are our customers that are coming back most frequently? They get the best rewards.  Really recognizing those customers who are looking after our business and helping us to grow, rewarding them and saying thank you.”

Customer feedback

“We were really early adopters of NPS, must have been about 12 years we’ve been doing NPS. Interestingly enough, we’re slowly moving away from it and we’re moving our customer feedback. We’re measuring so many different channels and we are looking at so much data in our businesses and our NPS score doesn’t really move that much.

What’s really important to us is managing those feedback channels that are important to our customers. Google location reviews and product review are two other channels that we obviously get feedback and honestly, those are the channels where most likely, if someone’s unhappy and they want to rant, they’re gonna go to those channels first.  So you need to be totally in tune with what’s happening. You need to be responding. You need to making sure you’re getting on top of all of that feedback because in every business something goes wrong and it’s about how you fix it that sets you apart. 

NPS is just another wheel that you’ve gotta measure, administer, review. So we’re still encouraging the feedback to come back to us and we want to be the first place our customers come to. But we are really wanting to simplify our business so we’re not managing so many things at once.”

Write it down

“A lot of businesses don’t have a business plan. They don’t actually write down what their plan is and there’s statistics on businesses that actually write a plan and they are more successful.  It’s incredibly profound that writing it down, adhering to it, or following it makes such a difference. 

We started this year guided by this great book given to me by one of our business advisors, which was the five most important questions you’ll ever ask your organization. And so we did our business planning following those five questions, it’s a Peter Drucker book. 

And then from that, literally our plan is one Excel document. Vision, values, mission, all on the front page. Second page is our six goals for the year, who’s doing what, and then we have our weekly stats.  We look at our monthly stats, our quarterly and our annual, and it’s a transparent document that everyone has access to. And that’s the plan. So it’s as simple as that for us.”

Questions answered in this episode include
  • What’s the most common reason for sending and receiving Edible Blooms? 
  • What are your top tips for writing business plans?
  • What does Edible Blooms do to positively impact the environment?

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